Sustainability Approach

As Ford Otosan family; While generating value with passion for our country and our customers on the global scale; We are committed to supporting the sustainable development of the society in which we operate, to contribute to social refinement and to keep the requirements of future generations in the forefront. When we do this; we regard the environment as a valuable treasure, our suppliers and dealers as our business partners and our human resources as our most valuable capital.

At Ford Otosan, the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and senior executives is determined in accordance with the "Ford Otosan Remuneration Policy". Accordingly, the fixed pay of the members of the Board of Directors is determined at the Ordinary General Assembly each year. Salaries of senior executives consist of two components, fixed and performance-based.

While determining the fixed pay of the senior management, international standards and legal obligations are complied with. At the same time, macroeconomic data and current pay policies in the market, size of the company, long-term goals and positions of individuals are taken into account. Performance-based bonus consists of three components: bonus basis, company performance and individual performance.

We believe that it is necessary to integrate these targets into the performance scorecards of the senior management in order to implement the long-term strategy of the company and to realize the annual targets. As Ford Otosan, we added ESG indicators to Ford Otosan Leader's performance card in line with our sustainability strategy and long-term goals, in line with the company strategy.

Key indicators for 2023, which serve Ford Otosan Leader's goal of pioneering sustainability, accountability and transparency in the countries where we operate in the automotive sector, are listed below:


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