Engine Production

New Generation Euro 6 Ecotorq Engine

The new generation Ecotorq, developed with 100% Ford Otosan engineering, is our first and only truck engine designed and manufactured in Turkey. The Ecotorq engines, which power the Ford Trucks models, are produced to meet E6 (Euro 6) emission norms for Turkey, and with E3, E5, E6 emission levels depending on varying requirements of different export markets.

The new generation Ecotorq engines, in 9 Lt and 13 Lt versions, generate 330 PS, 420 PS and 480 PS of power. The Ecotorq engines featuring Euro 6 technology are more environment- friendly and efficient, delivering 7-10% fuel economy compared to the prior generation. The Ecotorq engines compliant with Euro 6 norms are manufactured at the Eskişehir plant.

Duratorq Engine

The 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder, diesel Duratorq engines are produced for Transit versions at the Eskişehir plant. Duratorq Motor Family, engineered by Ford Otosan, is used in several Ford vehicles, including Transit, Transit Custom, Ranger, Everest, and Territory models. The five-cylinder Duratorq, the first engine developed by Ford Otosan for Ford, powers the new Ford Ranger, and Transit models manufactured for the U.S. market.

EcoBlue Engine

The 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine, which is produced at the Eskişehir Plant in 2018,  replace the 2.2L Duratorq TDCi engine that is used in Transit and Custom models. Beside its quite form, the new model has higher torque and power at low engine speeds and a lower fuel consumption. The new 2.0L EcoBlue’s basic design and development process were carried out by joint support of Ford England and Ford Otosan team, the two engineering centers of Ford of Europe. EcoBlue engine has an architecture that is compatible with the new emission limits expected to be introduced soon. In addition to Transit vans, this engine can also be used for many years in C/CD type passenger cars (Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy), which are among the models that Ford Europe, Ford America and Asia Pacific all sell, as well as in all diesel versions of certain pickup trucks (Ranger / Everest).

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