Why Ford Otosan?

Global vision: Our company was founded upon the forging of a partnership between Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding in 1959. We thus offer employees the exciting possibility of working as an expat for a number of Ford-owned companies, such as Ford of Europe, Ford of America, Ford in Russia, and Ford of China. Similarly, we also provide assignments to Ford employees working in different organizations and various positions of the Ford Motor Company on a short or long-term basis. So, our company offers employees both career opportunities abroad and the chance to work with people from various countries and cultures.

Technology and Innovation: Our R&D facility plays a crucial role in Ford’s global Research and Development projects and proudly holds the honour of hosting major global engineering innovations as the Turkish automotive sector’s largest technology and R&D base. Ford Otosan is proud of its history as a pioneer – not only in building Turkey’s first private R&D centre – but also as the producer of the nation’s first diesel motor engine and manufacturer of its first local automobiles. The company therefore places much importance on activities which put innovation and creativity to the fore, and rewards employees who reflect these values.

Career and Development Opportunities: Our employees are given the chance of to engage in a rich variety training and development opportunities from day one, and contribute to their professional developments by participating invarious projects and training programmes at Ford’s other factories abroad. In terms of career development process, we offer staff the chance to choose their preferred rotation system within the scope of the two various forms of career development available – namely, Leadership and Expertise.

Pride and Prestige: As one of Turkey’s largest industrial firms, we offer our staff the pride that comes with opportunity to work with a large, globally-renowned, and trustworthy brand. Ford aims to offer our customers the highest quality products and services through a quality-centric approach to production, and so our engineers are given all they need in order to produce high-quality and reliable products, and work on developing some of the world’s most innovative technology. Since the company was founded; in 1959, with the coming together of Koç Holding and the Ford Motor Company; Ford Otosan has achieved great success, and offers its staff employees– both those current, and those newly arrived – with the pride that comes with working for a company with a rich heritage, a sound reputation, and a high level of prestige.