Dealers And Suppliers

For automotive manufacturers, the existence of a well-developed value chain is crucial for consistency, quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our distributors and suppliers play a crucial role in our broad value chain, and thus, for a sustainable business model  we constantly contribute to enhancing the business success of our dealers and suppliers.

We encourage our suppliers to develop systems and practices in primary sustainability fields such as quality, efficiency, human rights, working environment and environmental performance. We include these expectations in our purchasing agreements and actively monitor their compliance. We do not tolerate any working practices such as forced, unpaid or child labour, and expect our suppliers and partners to internalise the same approach to the principles of human rights in all of their operations. We include these principles as part of the service and investment agreements we sign with suppliers and partners to serve as a guarantee. Similarly, we give constant training in human rights, social ethics and issues regarding work life to all of our suppliers.

Just as with our suppliers, so too do we value the success of our dealers and authorised services. We aim to contribute to the technical strength, capacity, and knowledge of our dealers through specially-designed training opportunities. At regular intervals, we also ask for their own views and ideas, in order that we can improve our own practices accordingly.