About Ford Otosan

Ford Otosan (Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş.), is a publicly traded (18%) company, where Ford Motor Company* (41%) and Koç Holding A.Ş.(41%) have equal shares. Ford Otosan, being one of the top three exporting companies in Turkey since 2004, has achieved 12 consecutive years of automotive industry championship and is Turkiye goods product export champion for 8 years in a row. In 2022, export of vehicles and spare parts from Turkiye continued with 94 countries in 5 continents worth 6,2 billion USD. Ford Otosan operates in 4 main centers with its Gölcük and Yeniköy Plants in Kocaeli, Eskişehir Plant in Eskişehir, Sancaktepe R&D Center and Spare Parts Warehouse in İstanbul and Craiova Plant in Romania employs more than 20,000 people. Ford Otosan is the most valuable automotive company in Borsa İstanbul.
With 1688 R&D employees, Ford Otosan has the largest R&D organization in the Turkish industry and is exporting engineering. It serves as the global engineering center for Ford's heavy commercial vehicles, related diesel engines, and engine systems, as well as the support center for Ford's light commercial vehicle design and engineering. Ford Otosan has all the necessary know-how, and ability to design, develop and test a complete vehicle from paper to product, including its engine.
Ford Otosan, established in 1959, is Ford Europe's largest commercial vehicle production center, with a production capacity of 721,700 vehicles, 436,500 engines, and 140,000 powertrains by 2022.   Within the evaluation carried out among the plants of Ford Motor Company, the Kocaeli and Eskişehir Plants are listed among Ford's 'Best Vehicle Production Centers'. Eskişehir is the only factory in Turkiye that can produce vehicles, engines, and powertrains in the same center. 
Ford Otosan has business partnership relations with roots from way back with its dealers and is represented by strong names adopting and adding value to this partnership throughout Turkiye. It also offers maintenance, delivery, and repair service through specialized authorized services all over Turkiye. Ford Otosan, via its Ford Trucks heavy commercial vehicle business, assigns distributors and dealers around the world and offers sales, service, and spare parts service via its dealers.
In addition to contributing to the economic development of the country and increasing its global competitiveness, Ford Otosan, standing out with its sensitivity regarding social responsibilities, also carries out several social responsibility projects in many fields including education, healthcare, culture, arts, and sports on the path to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in line with its corporate citizenship approach and “Future. Now” vision. To reach this goal, it contributes to the improvement of educational quality by building schools, establishing laboratories for technical schools, and providing equipment and scholarships in its operating regions. In 2019, Ford Otosan launched a nationwide project, "Dreams Need Knowledge," as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of "Quality Education," "Reduced Inequalities," and "Partnerships for the Goals," to provide problem-solving skills using technologies such as sensors, coding, and artificial intelligence, particularly for children who do not have access to new technologies.
Ford Otosan, carrying out awareness studies on gender equality since 2013 with the understanding of "Equality at Work", became the only automotive and the first and only industrial company from Turkiye to be included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index in 2021. By its gender equality commitments, Ford Otosan conducts studies for the development of women in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), particularly in education and employment.