Dynamic Balance

A new era in
our company culture:


Our company has launched “Common Cultural Management” by converting existing culture by the vision of Turkey's most valuable and most preferred industry company. The building blocks of our new corporate culture, which we call “Dynamic Balance”, our values are mutual trust and respect, value each other and affection, openness to change and innovation, open and transparent communication. 

We have defined our Values and Cultural Principles, by taking into account both our company’s present and future needs, with the participation of all managers and representative groups of our
employees from each position, function and grade level. 

Why do we need common culture?
A common culture brings us to a common sense and purpose, helps us to work in a positive atmosphere of trust, ties us closer and helps us to reach a stronger future all together.

What are Values and Cultural Principles?
Our values determine our common beliefs and assumptions. Our Cultural Principles shape our company-specific common ways of doing business and relationships that enable us putting our values into practices.

What is our common culture “Dynamic Balance”?
Our ideal culture, Dynamic Balance, expresses the balance between our strong feature of Tenacity and Making The Impossible Possible and our 5 other cultural principles. This strong feature can only become sustainable with this interaction.

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