HR approach

Our Vision and Mission

Our HR vision; To make Ford Otosan the employer of choice and maintaining a culture of high engagement amongst employees with innovational Human Resources applications.

Our HR mission; To develop and implement Human Resources systems based on offering equal opportunities, being respectful to diversity and ethical values, focusing on development, and encouraging high performance in line with Ford Otosan strategy.

Our Employer Brand

What lies at the forefront of our success?

Our company is run by a team which believes in the strength, talent, and hard work of the people at its core, aiming to develop these assets even further. This diverse, strong, special, talented, and friendly group of people all strive for the same goals, quality, and trust.

Success, is found in what is earned and what is won, in ambitions achieved,

The Future, lies in thinking outside the box with unlimited imagination,

Life, is about sharing as a family,

And in this success story, we are stronger together


If you are in, the Future is Ours!

Our employer brand is based on the belief that “Our Power Relies On You.” With this in mind, we can better communicate the opportunities we offer our employees and applicants in terms of career and development-focused programmes, state the importance we place on technology and innovation and emphasis work health and safety with greater clarity, as well as delivering information on our social and sports activities.