Product development

Due to the importance we have placed on product development since the day we were established, from the development of the first and only Turkish automobile brand Anadol, to the new projects we have commissioned in the last few years, we have strengthened our competency in the sector. Having expanded our research and development and engineering activities to become one of our most prized exports, we now represent the Turkish automotive sector’s biggest R&D organisation. We lead the R&D sector in terms of employment with our research facility hiring 1400 R&D engineers. Our company, which now operates on a level by which we have the competency to embark on any kind of research project within our financial capacity, presides over the largest single R&D centre in Turkey, in Sancaktepe in 2015. Ford Otosan’s Sancaktepe R&D Centre plays a vital role in many of the Ford Motor Company’s global projects, and hosts Turkey’s first virtual reality laboratory, as well as an engine development laboratory and design studio./p>