Information Technologies

Our Information Technology Department engages in innovative technological work aimed at enabling us to store masses of information. The staff who are hard at work in this department aim to identify challenges in the fields of information technology and use their talents to overcome these challenges with technical solutions.

Our I.T. staff work with high-tech hardware in the establishment and management of computer systems designed and maintained for use in comprehensive I.T. projects. Plus, with internet security representing a significant issue in the current climate, we work hard to ensure the safety of the information on our databases.


1. Do you think you have enjoyed the career opportunities you hoped for at Ford Otosan? If so, why?

Yes, I believe so. Even though I can’t say I’ve been here a long time, I can certainly see myself staying.

2. What has matched your expectations?

The pride of working for a large, corporate firm. Ford Otosan is exactly as it is perceived to be from the outside; namely secure, trustworthy, and efficient.

3. Do you have any tips for new candidates looking to go into the IT Department at Ford Otosan?

I recommend that they do their best to make sure they can develop themselves, and look forward to a bright future.